How To Use Snapshotz 
As a planning tool.
  Any organisation where a central customer interaction hub exists, can use Snapshotz as a planning tool. The first step in any planning exercise is a review. Snapshotz can be used by any organisation that has three or more staff interacting with customers using single (phone) or multiple channels i.e. text, email, web chat, fax.
As a reporting tool for management.
  Snapshotz can be used as a reporting tool for management or can be incorporated into reporting, as suits the needs of the organisation. Remember what gets measured gets managed!
As a structured business process that is extensive and consistent.
  Every time Snapshotz is used a consistent review covering the same variables should result. Even if personnel change or persons conducting the review change, using Snapshotz enables consistency. You are comparing apples with apples!
As a risk management tool.
  The first step in managing risk is identification.
Snapshotz assists in identification of areas that may have been overlooked in the bustle of everyday operations or been missed out because you just did not know.
As a training and development tool.
  Ideal tool for new management, or existing management requiring a refresher, into understanding the workings of the centre. Snapshotz covers the 29 main classifications within any centre’s operations.You do not know what you do not know until you know it!
As a productivity and measurement tool.
  Due to the consistency in process that Snapshotz delivers, comparison between periods is relatively easy. The use of a consistent and structured process results in efficient use of time and resources saving $000’s.

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